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Silicone Coated Parchment Paper - 12" x 16" Half Sheet - White

Model WB-433SLINER2-200

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Safer, tougher, and cleaner than regular Quilon-treated parchment paper, silicone coated paper offers much more bang for your buck

  • Contains either a plastic pack of 200 sheets folded over or a corrugated case of 1000 sheets laid flat
  • 12" x 16"
  • Grease-proof and moisture-resistant
  • Clean, white color makes fabulous presentation for your baked delights
  • A non-stick silicone coating means you don't even need non-stick sprays
  • Fits a half sheet pans perfectly, and protect it from dirt and grease to preserve the life of your pan and makes cleaning a breeze
  • Can sometimes be reused depending on the intensity of your baked goods, but preferred to be used only once for safety and convenience
  • Fewer potential health issues (with a natural lack of toxins) than Quilon-coated paper while being tougher and tear resistant
  • Withstands higher heat than Quilon paper - up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit