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American Artisan Wheat™ -- Unbleached Hi-Gluten Flour, for extra-chewy breads, 14.2% Protein, Packaged in a Reusable Stand Up Barrier Bag

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Create hearty artisan breads and specialty whole grain breads with this  hi-gluten flour! With its high protein and gluten content, this flour enhances the volume of your breads to provide extra strength and thickness. Essential for making extra crusty and chewy breads with high volume, this high-gluten wheat flour is ideal for bagels, kaiser rolls, hearth breads, authentic, New York-style pizza crusts, and Italian, french, and Jewish breads.

This flour is milled from the highest protein spring wheat to provide strength in dough, reduce breakage, and allows your foods to hold their shape well. Wheat flours offer many advantages, including providing elasticity that helps your dough retain its shape and rise higher while baking. It has excellent absorption properties in whole-grain breads, enhances structure in cereals and snacks, and extends the shelf life of your enticing baked goods. Plus, it is never bleached nor bromated, thus eliminating the need for chemical agents as well as the risk of adding a slight chlorine taste to your foods. 

UPC: 810032741457 - 5 lbs

UPC: 810032741433 - 10 lbs

UPC: 810032741440  - 20 lbs

Flour Details:
Moisture: 14.0% max.
Protein: 14.0% +/- 0.3
Ash: .52% +/- .02