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Birthday Candles

Airplane Candleholder Sets w/ 4 Candles

Airplane Candleholder Sets w/ 4 Candles

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4 Airplane Candle Holders w/ 4 Candles


Hop Aboard, Birthday Revelers!

When you want your child’s birthday party to be off-the-rails fun, you’ll need a helping hand from Oasis Supply. Our Airplane Candle Holderscater to the minds of your favorite whimsical young celebrants.

If your little one enjoys playing with his or her plane sets, they’ll love these birthday candle holders that beautifully decorate even the plainest of cakes. Just pop these four colorful  pieces on top of any confectionary delight, and add the five birthday candles that come in the package. Then let the festivities begin. Your child and their friends will go sky-high for these candle holders!

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