Devil's Gate

Devil's Gate

Things you'll need:

  • a wooden pallet or gate to be the doors
  • a pool noodle
  • silver spray paint
  • red paint
  • orange Halloween lights
  • our Foam Monster Hands Craft Kit


First you cut the pool noodle into rings about 1/2" think. You can use a knife or a heat knife.


Cut a slit through one side of the rings to the center. 

Using this new opening, link the rings together in a chain pattern.

Place your new "chain" in a box and spray them silver for chains. You can use other colors to give it a "weathered" look, like maroon for a rust-like feel.

Next you take your pallet and red paint and add fake hand prints on th surface.

While those pieces are drying, you can prep your lights and make sure all the lightbulbs work. Place the lights inside the pallet(pictured: white Christmas lights with an orange blanket laying over them). Next, place the hands in the open slits of the pallet like they are reaching out and lay your chain over top.


Turn off the lights to see your masterpiece!

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