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Satin Ice Rolled Fondant

Satin Ice Rolled Fondant - 2 Lbs. - Ivory Color (Vanilla Flavor)

Satin Ice Rolled Fondant - 2 Lbs. - Ivory Color (Vanilla Flavor)

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  • Smooth finish and exceptional workability
  • Superior taste
  • Rolls thin for greater value
  • Certified Kosher
  • Size: 2 lb Color: Ivory


Satin Ice Ivory Fondant, Vanilla Flavor

2 Pound Tub


Satin Ice is a premium quality fondant for creating a smooth, elegant finish for wedding, birthday, novelty, and special-occasion cakes. Additionally, it is used as a modeling paste to create decorative borders, flowers, drapes and bows. Impress your friends and clients with unbelievable designs and artwork for those special occasions.

Satin Ice Fondant

Produced with the best ingredients sourced from around the globe, the flavor of Satin Ice and ChocoPan products is unparalleled.

Proudly made in the USA

Satin Ice Fondant is produced in Chester, NY and exported to distributors worldwide,

Prepping the Cake

Crumb coat your cake with a thin, smooth layer of buttercream. Smooth well with a bench scraper. Refrigerate to set the buttercream.

Kneading & Rolling

Keep hands, tools, and work surface clean. Knead to warm fondant and activate gums, and to eliminate any air pockets. Immediately roll to 1/8 inch on a non-stick surface (e.g. baking mat). Use a thin dusting of cornstarch or confectioners sugar if desired.

Covering, Smoothing & Trimming

When covering a cake, it is important to work quickly to avoid wrinkling and cracking of the fondant. Place fondant on cake as centered as possible. To smooth, start at the top and work your way down the sides with your hands or a fondant smoother. Trim excess fondant.


  • Air bubble: Use a clean pin and pierce it on an angle. Smooth out the air toward the bubble until the bubble is gone
  • Wrap unused fondant airtight

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