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Golden Barrel Raw Cane Sugar

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Supply your coffee shop, cafe, or bakery with this Golden Barrel raw sugar. Raw sugar is a first crystallization sugar, made from the initial pressing of sugar cane and extracted from the cane juice that has been stripped of impurities. Less processed than brown sugar, it has a subtle, natural molasses flavor and since it is unrefined and unbleached, the crystals retain an unmistakable, natural golden brown color.

With its natural molasses flavor and caramel undertones, this sugar is perfect for enhancing the sweetness of your signature cup of joe, as well as makes an ideal sweetener for smoothies and protein shakes. Also working as a great substitute to white sugar, raw sugar can be used to provide natural sweetness to your brownies, cookies, and fruit tarts, or use it to create syrups, glazes, or sauces. With sugar being a staple in your cooking and baking needs, make sure you are always in good supply with this 50 lb. bulk bag of Golden Barrel raw sugar!