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Wholesome Sweeteners Raw Natural Demerara Turbinado Sugar

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Satisfy the sweet tooth of every guest with this Wholesome Sweeteners 50 lb. natural demerara turbinado sugar! This demerara sugar is naturally produced on the 27-mile island of Mauritius by pressing freshly cut sugar cane into a nutrient-rich juice that has been stripped of impurities. It is then evaporated and spun in a turbine, resulting in large, sparkling sugar crystals with an unmistakable golden color. This sugar lends warm, caramel notes to any dish or beverage that it's added to, and because it's unrefined, it retains more naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals than traditional white sugar.

With its remarkable flavor and rich aroma, this demerara sugar is perfect for enhancing the sweetness of your signature cup of joe. Substitute it for white sugar to bring a natural, yet irresistible sweetness to your decadent chocolate brownies, scrumptious fruit pies, and classic chocolate chip cookies, or use it to create syrups, glazes, or sauces for your most popular menu items.